Hello readers, 

Welcome to my first blog post of 2020, and what a year it is turning out to be! 

I thought I would give you a little insight into the world of InkSmudge Journals and a little history on how it all came about. 

InkSmudge Journals was born out of my passion for organisation. Stationery stores are my kind of heaven and it really is a challenge to get me out of one without me buying a new notebook I probably wont use. 

Because of my sheer enjoyment of lists, I decided to do some research on organisational systems to see if anything could help me tame this wild, creative brain of mine. It was then I stumbled upon Ryder Carroll's Bullet Journal Method.

Watch this 5 minute overview on the analogue system Ryder designed to track the past, organise the present and plan for the future.  

Ryder was diagnosed as a child with attention deficit disorder and the methodology behind the 'Bullet Journal' gave him control and focus. He had the ability to focus, but was just focusing on too many things. Sound familiar? 

The next discovery was a wonderful woman called Boho Berry, and though her passion for bullet journaling and travelers notebooks (leather notebook covers), the seed for InkSmudge Journals was planted. I found her so inspiring and loved how she took Ryder's original method and made it work for her!

Have a look at this short video of how she plans out January. It is quite an old video, but it is a great overview on how you can create your own bullet journal in a travelers notebook. 

 So of course, then it was time for me to find the travelers notebook of my dreams so I could start the bullet journal method and organise this busy, creative mind of mine. 

I searched and searched to no avail so it was time to get the creative juices flowing and make my own. And this was just the start...

I went from making a bespoke travelers notebooks for the sole purpose of using it as my own bullet journal, to having a multiple orders from friends and family. The more I showed people, the more others wanted in on this incredible discovery! So I quickly realised that this could become my new business venture!

I loved making different sized travelers notebooks varying in usage and design, I decided to branch out and meticulously craft notebooks and inserts by hand! Not to mention my bookmarks and tiny TNs!! Next on my list to create are junk journals and instant digital downloads for you all to print out and make yourself! Talking of digital downloads...sign up to the newsletter here and get immediate access to the new Autumn envelope printable! 

Any questions, pop them below in the comments and I will be happy to answer them!! 

Thank you for reading and until next time lovelies! 

Gemma xx

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